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Public Works Department
Public Works Superintendent: Bernie Rossman
2344 West Ingomar Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

This department is responsible for maintaining approximately 57 miles of Borough roads; performing snow removal on all roads within the Borough, except private roads; maintaining all Borough equipment, including police cars and staff vehicles. Franklin Park Public Works employees also pave and maintain roads and are responsible for projects such as: Blueberry Hill Activity Center, masonry work for digital sign, and various other projects.


Stormwater Management Ordinance (Borough wide regulations)
 Click here to view or download Storm Water Guidelines
DEP Information Municipal Storm Water
Flood Plain Ordinance (Apply to flood plains only)
Resourceful Information Re: Storm Water Solutions


: (412-364-4115 ext. 316)
Franklin Park Public Works
2344 West Ingomar Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

PA STATE ROADS                    
Arndt Road                                
Camp Meeting Road
Henry Road
Little Sewickley Creek Road
McAleer Road
Nicholson Road
Pine Creek Road
Reis Run Road
Rochester Road
Wexford Bayne Road

CONTACT INFORMATION: (1-800-349-7623)
PennDot Designates Allegheny County as District 11
Use this form to report potholes at PennDot

Brandt School Road                    
Allegheny County Department of Public Works
501 County Office Building
429 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


This Ordinance states: "No person shall park a vehicle upon any Borough street between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am prevailing local time, and/or during snow removal time." Residents who violate this Ordinance are subject to the fines and penalties according to the Code of the Borough of Franklin Park.

For the safety and convenience of our residents, we ask all motorists to strictly comply with the requirements of Ordinance 202-13.


The Borough will only collect leaves in biodegradable paper bags. Please refrain from putting rocks, sticks, plastic bottles, etc. in the bags. These items will contaminate the mulch. Do not close leaf bags with duct tape. Duct tape is not biodegradable and must not be used. Please leave enough room at the top of the bag so you can either fold or roll it closed.

Leaf bags are paper bio-degradable bags and can be purchased at the municipal building (.40 each) or at any store. Bags should be taken to the curb for pick-up. The leaf mulch will be available at Blueberry Hill Park in the Spring.

Spring Collection Dates: Mondays only - April 11, 18, & 25 2016
(All bags must be placed at the curb. Pick-up begins at 7:00am.)
Leaf pick up could take several days to cover the entire Borough.


All brush (1/2" to 4" in diameter only) must be placed at the curb. Our Public Works Department provides brush-chipping service twice a year.

Fall Collection Begins: Monday April 4, 2016
(All brush must be placed at the curb by 7:00am.)


Collection will begin on the dates listed above. The chipper will pass through the Borough one time. If your brush is not out at the curb when the chipper passes, you have two options:
1.) Take your branches to the mulch pile on Blaine's Way in Blueberry Hill Park. The Borough will then mulch the branches. YOU MUST HAVE A PERMIT FROM BOROUGH OFFICE
2.) Wait until the next collection date
The chipping service may take several weeks to get to all areas of the Borough depending on the amount of brush placed at the curb. Although we cannot provide specific dates, they will get to your area as soon as possible. It is imperative that residents have your brush at the curb on the first Monday of the chipping season! Please cut and place your brush perpendicular to the curb with the butt end out.

This service is provided for brush and tree trimmings only. Bushes or trees with thorns will not be accepted. If you have a tree or trees to dispose of, you must contact a private contractor. Borough crews will not spend more than 15 minutes chipping brush at your home. Please cut and place your brush accordingly.

The location of wood chips and leaf compost is located at the south end of Blaine's Way in Blueberry Hill Park, near McDevitt Road. The same rules will apply: Chips and compost are free to Borough residents only.


Christmas trees should be placed at the curb on Mondays, January 4, 2016 and
January 18, 2016 by 6:00AM. The public works crews will only make one trip for each scheduled collection but depending on weather conditions and the amount of trees that are placed at the curb, it could take them a full week to collect the trees. It is still important that the tree is placed at the curb on the Mondays specified. DO NOT leave plastic or any decorations on the tree.


The Franklin Park Borough Public Works Department has the responsibility of clearing municipal streets of snow and ice from winter storms. Our goal is to provide you with the highest possible level of service. We take our responsibility very seriously since it is the safety and welfare of our residents and children that we are protecting. We cannot stop the snow from falling, however, we do fight the effects of snow by plowing and salting roads to keep them passable.

At the beginning of a snow fall when snow begins to lay on the roads, be assured that salt crews are out, but all roads cannot be treated at once. Some roads may be treated, but others may not. Untreated roads may be slippery and treacherous. If possible, stay off the roads during this period. Once the roads have been salted, the potential for accidents is substantially reduced.

Priorities for snow removal are: 1)state roads and arterial streets 2)PAT bus and school bus routes 3)local roads. Plowing operations usually occur with the accumulation of 1 to 3 inches or more of snow. During snowfalls when plows are used, the initial passes of the snowplow are to open the road for traffic flow. Expect to have the snow pushed back to the curb on a later pass. This is done to provide more space to push away future snow and to provide drainage when the snow melts, so that water runs along side of the road, and not in the lane where it may re-freeze at night when temperatures drop. Because cu-de-sacs are not thruways to the majority or motorists or school students, they are done last. Snow Plows cannot pick up and carry snow, so it is placed where we think it will be the least problem.

To minimize the snow that gets deposited in front of your driveway, public works has the following suggestion: Stand facing your driveway from the street and shovel the snow to the left of your driveway. This will not completely eliminate snow from being deposited in front of your driveway when the plow comes, but it will reduce the
amount that is deposited. Property owners and businesses are reminded that snow and ice must be removed from the sidewalk along your frontage within 12 hours of the end of a snowfall. If snow continues to fall, sidewalks must be cleared and open for passage. Blowing or shoveling of snow into the street is a violation of municipal ordinances and can cause accidents. Property owners assume a serious liability for such a practice.

In order to assist the public works department during snow removal, we suggest that you adhere to the following suggestions:

1. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. If possible wait an hour or so from the time that the snow begins to lay on the road to give salt crews a chance to treat roads.

2. Remove your vehicles from the street. Park in your driveway or yard.

3. Do not shovel or plow snow from your driveway or walkway into the street. Pile snow in your yard instead.

4. If you hire a plowing or cleaning service, advise them not to push snow into the street or in front of neighboring property.

5. Clear areas for pedestrian crossings at intersections.

6. Remove snow from around fire hydrants.

7. If your vehicle should become stuck in the snow, do not abandon it in the roadway. Get it moved over to the curb or berm so that snow plows and emergency vehicles can get past it.

8. When you notice a salt truck approaching from the opposite direction, slow down and move away from the center of the road to avoid salt from blasting your vehicle. Salt trucks are designed to drop more salt near the center of the road.

9. When following a salt truck, keep a safe distance. Expect trucks to make sudden stops or turns while in the operation of snow removal.

10. Be sure your vehicle is equipped for winter driving. Good tires with deep tread are a must. Also put the following items in your trunk; tire chains, shovel, salt, sand and emergency road kit.

11. When calling the Public Works Department or other municipal offices for service, keep messages simple and direct. Be certain to state the problem and its location. 

12. Finally, if you must be on the road during a snow storm, remember to take your cell phone. In areas where there is not a 911 services, have the emergency numbers written down or stored in your phone.


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