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Sewer Information

History - In 2005 Franklin Park Borough and McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA) evaluated the feasibility of transferring the ownership, operation and maintenance of Bear and Lowries Run sanitary lines to MTSA. An in-depth study regarding this issue concluded that customers of both systems would benefit if the lines were transferred. A related finding in the study concluded that smaller entities would not be able to maintain a competitive rate structure under the new regulatory environment. Rather than raising rates in response to a burgeoning problem, the Borough and MTSA attempted to address the problem through a creative solution. 

The Borough held a public meeting on February 9, 2006 to receive public comments. Those in attendance and comments received from other sources suggested there was no opposition to the transfer. At the meeting residents in attendance made several suggestions that Council and Mayor considered and adopted.  


The official date of the transfer was July 1, 2006. To keep your fees to a minimum, the assets were transferred at no cost.  


Under the current arrangement the Borough is responsible to pay for all outstanding debt. The Borough receives the difference between the Borough and MTSA's rate of
6-30-06. It is estimated that all bonds and debts will be repaid by 2016 and the current arrangement will expire on 12-31-2016. At that time, fees will be rolled back to the rates paid by all other MTSA customers.

It is important for each customer to realize under the transfer agreement MTSA has assumed all responsibility previously assigned to Franklin Park under the Federal Consent Order. Therefore, the Authority is required to test all sanitary lines in Bear Run and Lowries Run. This work has already begun. Customers will be required to repair any deficiency discovered during this testing or that may otherwise exist on their property.


No Lien Letters

A no lien letter must be obtained before a property is sold or refinanced within Franklin Park Borough. This letter verifies that there are no municipal liens filed against the property. It further indicates if there are any outstanding Sewer Charges/Taps or Real Estate Taxes that need to be satisfied. Finally, the no lien letter also verifies that a dye test has been conducted and that the property has passed the test.

The fee for the lien letter is $20.00 and a written request must be submitted to the Borough Office at least two weeks prior to the closing. The letter must indicate the current property owner and address, closing date, and whether the property is being refinanced or sold. Please make sure a stamped envelope is enclosed for prompt return.

Please feel free to call Donna Spohn at 412/364-4115 Ext. 301 with any questions you may have regarding these procedures.


Dye Testing


Beginning July 1, 2007 all functions of the dye testing program have been transferred to McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA). This change took place in an effort to more seamlessly serve our residents. It was also amended to comply with increasing regulatory requirements and the Allegheny County Health Department administrative consent order.


If you are selling your property in Franklin Park Borough and have public sewer service to your home, it is your responsibility to make application at least 14 days prior to the date of sale. Contact:  MTSA, 418 Arcadia Drive, Pgh, PA 15237
 (412)366-2700. Through your application process the actual dye test will be the responsibility of MTSA, you will no longer have to contract a plumber to perform these functions. Upon successful completion of the testing procedures, you will be given an approved dye test report from MTSA. We will be notified of the dye test results by MTSA.


In an effort to simplify this certification procedure, MTSA has posted the application for dye test certification on their website which is located at:



3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program
Online Resource Regarding the Wet Weather Sewage Overflow Issue

Allegheny County municipalities, including Franklin Park, will soon be facing enforcement action to begin addressing the wet weather sewage overflow problem throughout the region. Sewage overflows have long plagued the Pittsburgh area; during wet weather (when it rains or snows melts), extra water gets into the deteriorated sewage system and overflows into the waterways or backs up in residents' basements without ever reaching the treatment plant at ALCOSAN.

It can be a confusing issue, but now there's a comprehensive online resource for learning more about wet weather sewage overflows:

This website clearly explains the wet weather overflow issue and role of each municipality and individual in working toward a solution to the problem. Some of the highlights you will find include:

  • An animated presentation (on the home page) that clearly explains the wet weather issue using simple terminology and visuals.
  • A special section devoted to homeowners that explains how your home is connected to the sewer system, how the sewer system operates and how you can help to solve the problem.
  • Updates on the progress of municipal demonstration projects.
  • Downloadable educational materials.
  • Updates on wet weather legislation and regulations.
  • Information on the progress of the Northern Basin Group of which is a member.
  • Links to dozens of wet weather-related web sites and municipal web sites.
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