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he McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority offers medical service to Franklin Park residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Highly trained, state-certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians are prepared at a moments notice to administer the very best emergency care possible to you and your loved ones when the need arises.

Many people believe that in an emergency help begins when the ambulance arrives on the scene. However, in reality, YOU are the first step in the emergency medical system.

Each of you has at least one emergency lifesaving device in your home...YOUR TELEPHONE. You can learn to use it in just a few minutes. Write down this telephone number 911. This is the number you should call for help in a medical emergency. Now, put the number by your phone. This is very important for every person in your family to know. When you need help fast, your phone and the correct emergency telephone number can be a real life saver, and making the right call can save time and lives.

One call connects you to the McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance team, paramedics, emergency medical technician and dispatchers, who are especially trained to help people who are hurt or sick. EMS stands for emergency medical services.

Many people are surprised to learn that the Ambulance Authority is not supported in any way by local tax dollars. The Authority's only sources of revenue are from subscriptions and donations. Your donation to the Ambulance Authority enable them to continue to offer Franklin Park a high standard of excellent health care without tax support.

DID YOU KNOW...that the cost of an individual subscription is $20 and family coverage remains at the low rate of $45 per year! That's important since the average cost of an ambulance trip is more than $700.

DID YOU KNOW...that visitors to your home (who do not live no our service area) needing the ambulance for an emergency are covered under your family subscription!

DID YOU KNOW...that your subscription covers you anywhere in our service area: Pine, McCandless, Franklin Park, Marshall and Bradfordwoods. In addition, we also have reciprocal benefits in some surrounding municipalities. We are happy to report that your subscription actually has a large coverage area. All of our subscribers will receive emergency medical coverage, if they are sick or injured, in any of the communities serviced by the following emergency medical services:
Arnold Ambulance                         Cranberry Ambulance
Eureka Community Ambulance       Foxwall EMS
Hampton Township EMS                Lower Valley Ambulance
Harmony EMS                               Parkview VFD-EMS
New Kensington Fire Dept.             Plum EMS
Richland EMS                               Ross/West View EMSA
Seneca EMS                                Shaler Area EMS
West Deer EMS                            Freeport EMS
Lower Burrell EMS

DID YOU KNOW...That subscribing to your Ambulance Authority enables them to offer your community a high standard of excellent health care without tax support.

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