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Franklin Park Vol. Fire Company Contact Information

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Fire/Code Official

The Fire/Code Official, Andy Nock, is responsible for yearly fire inspections on all commercial buildings, including churches. The Fire/Code Official also issues permits for recreational camp fires, and investigates all fires within the Borough. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email.

Andrew Nock

Some of the most essential fire codes that are included in the annual fire safety inspection by the Franklin Park Fire Official are listed in the checklists below. Commercial property owners and managers should continuously review this checklist for the safety of the general public, employees and emergency responders. The (IFC) numbers refer to the International Fire Code which is enforced in Franklin Park Borough.

Business Toolkit

ORDINANCE NO. 608-2013- Establishing regulations and restrictions on open fires and open burning and providing fines and penalties for violations.


Small recreational fires are permitted in Franklin Park Borough, so long as done under adult supervision and in strict compliance with the Borough's Open Burn Ordinance. The Open Burning Ordinance includes the following:

Permitted Locations for Open Fires: Fire pits, rings, and all other receptacles must be at least 25 feet from the nearest house, structure, property line, utility, tree or other combustible material.
     Exceptions: While in use, grills, barbeques and fireplaces used strictly for cooking may be no less than 5 feet from a house, property line, etc., (unless otherwise approved by the Fire Official). Note: NO Permit is required for portable grills!

One Time Inspection for Open Fire/Fire Pit Location: Call the Fire Official @ 412-364-4115 Ext. 319 to arrange for a free site inspection for the proposed fire pit and location. This is a free, one-time inspection, with a $10 fee per permit which must be obtained three (3) days prior to having any Open Fire.

Permitted Burning Materials: ONLY dry, clean logs, twigs or other UNTREATED  wood products, charcoal, or natural gas/clean burning fuel.

Prohibited Burning Materials (including but not limited to the following): Absolutely NO treated wood, fresh cut limbs, leaves, green yard waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, garbage, construction waste, oil/rubber/petroleum-based products, or any other material that tends to cause excessive odor or smoke.

Maximum Size of Fire: Fire pit, ring or other receptacle no more than 9 square feet (3' x 3') in area with flames maintained no higher than 3 feet above the hole/pit/ring or other receptacle.

No Excessive Smoke, Odor or Emissions: Smoke and odors shall be considered excessive if they contribute more than a negligible amount of air contaminants perceptible beyond your property line.

Constant Adult Supervision: Adult supervision is required at all times until fire has been completely extinguished. Adult property owner is presumed to be responsible for assuring that all burning on their property complies with the Ordinance. (You should also keep a water hose or fire extinguisher nearby).

Time Frame: A recreation fire may be burned for a maximum of six (6) hours between 9AM and 12 midnight. The fire MUST be extinguished by 12 Midnight.

Police, Fire Official or Code Officer are Authorized to Order Fires to be Extinguished: The Police Officer, Fire Official, or Code Officer may order immediate extinguishment of any unauthorized or excessive fires or when wind or other weather conditions so warrant.

RESIDENTIAL COOKING FIRE PREVENTION - A recent report from the National Fire Protection Agency showed that between 2010-2012, fires in residential buildings accounted to roughly 82 percent of all fire deaths, 78 percent of all fire injuries, and over half or 57 percent of the total dollar loss to property from all fires. Click here to view an informative article from Philadelphia Insurance Companies and learn more!


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