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Property Tax Collector: Kristin Losco 412/364-4848
2344 West Ingomar Road
 Pittsburgh, PA 15237-1619
Office Hours: Tues./Wed./Thurs. 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
(Last two weeks) of June and August
5:00pm to 7:00pm
Or by appointment.

The Real Estate Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of Franklin Park Borough real estate taxes and the North Allegheny School District taxes for the Franklin Park area, as well as the $10.00 school per capita tax paid by every adult (21 years of age or older) residing in the Borough.

Current Millages:
Borough 1.29 (Operates on a Calendar Year)
School 18.0011 (Operates on a Fiscal Year)
County   4.73 (Operates on a Calendar Year)

Franklin Park Borough Tax
Discount: May - June 30
Face: July - August 31
10% Penalty: After August 31

North Allegheny School Tax
Discount: July - August 31
Face: September - October 31
10% Penalty: After October 31

* The Real Estate Tax Collector CANNOT accept post date checks.
* The Real Estate Tax Collector does not determine the "Full Market Value" of your property. Contact Allegheny County Assessment Department at 412-350-4600 with any questions. *See below for more information
*If you have refinanced your mortgage and have an escrow account with a different bank or mortgage company, please notify the Tax Office so your tax statements can be redirected.
*If you do not have an escrow account, as the homeowner you are responsible for paying the real estate taxes.
*If you do not receive a tax bill, you are responsible for calling or stopping into the tax office and obtaining one. Failure to receive a tax notice doe not relieve any taxpayer from liability for prompt payment of taxes.
*If the billing address for your real estate tax bill has changed after January 1 of this year, due to refinancing, no or paid off escrow etc., please notify the tax office of the change.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you, and not your lender, are responsible for making payment of your North Allegheny/Franklin Park Borough Real Estate Tax, be extra vigilant when determining and writing a check that it is the correct amount. It is the amount in the TOTAL DUE box for the appropriate period (discount/face/penalty).

All persons (residents, renters and all other occupants) residing in the Borough of Franklin Park over the age of 21 are required to pay this tax. The tax is imposed by North Allegheny School District. It is not imposed by nor does Franklin Park receive any revenue from this tax. The Real Estate tax collector is responsible to collect this tax.

Owners of rental properties are required to notify the Borough of Franklin Park of all occupants, over the age of 21, living in a home, apartment or condominium whether paying rent and/or occupying the house. The Borough solicits this information at the beginning of each year from all the rental property owners. Property owners can also call 412-364-4115 to give the name(s) of additional occupants to our receptionist, on a more frequent basis.

In November 2004, Franklin Park Borough Council passed Ordinance No. 531.04 adopting the Senior Citizen Tax Relief Program. This program entitles all qualified senior citizens, living in the Borough of Franklin Park, to a flat 30% discount of the real estate tax on their primary residence.
Below are the requirements necessary to qualify, must meet all three requirements listed below:
1. Property Ownership: Must have owned and occupied a primary residence in Allegheny County continuously for the past 10 years.
2. Age: Must be age 60 or older, or if married either spouse must be age 60
    Be a widow or widower and age 50
    Permanently disabled and age 18 (must be verified with a physician's letter. A letter from Social Security will not be accepted.)
3. Income: Gross household income must be $30,000 or less. For calculating income use only 50% of your Social Security Benefit, SSI and Railroad Retirement Tier 1 Benefits (except Medicare benefits); plus, all income must be added in at 100%.
Feel free to contact Allegheny County with any questions: 412-350-3875

NO tax discount is permitted for any taxes when paying by installment. By Pennsylvania State Law, the school district must offer installment payments. Only those properties deemed eligible for the Homestead or Farmstead exclusion by the Allegheny County Assessment office will be permitted to make installment payments.

Under the installment plan, the full amount is due in three installments. Due dates are August 31/October 31/December 31) in the respective year. The exact amount of the first payment and due date will be listed on the tax bill. If N/A appears in the installment box, it means your property is not eligible for installment payments.

The payment of the exact amount of the first installment by a taxpayer on or before the first installment due date, shall show intention to pay school taxes on the installment plan. The remaining two installment coupons will be mailed to you after the first payment is received. Installments 2-3 must be paid by the due dates listed above or a penalty of 10% will be added to any installment that is late. A taxpayer who is delinquent shall be ineligible for the installment payment option in the following fiscal year.

View the Allegheny County Website for information or other available numbers and information on:  Appeal Forms/Change of address/Exemptions/How is property valued/Real Estate Website/Application for Abatement/Act 77-Senior Citizen Tax Relief/Act 202-New Construction/Act 42-Improvements

Allegheny County Tax Office:    412/350-4100
Office of Property Assessment:  412/350-4600
Change of Address Dept:         412/350-4107

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