Earned Income Tax

The Earned Income Tax (EIT) is a 1% tax levied on the earned income and net profits of Franklin Park residents.  The tax is collected by Keystone Collection Group and then distributed equally between the Borough and North Allegheny School District.

PA Act 32 went into effect on January 1, 2012, which requires all employers in Pennsylvania, with a few exceptions, to withhold their employee's EIT through payroll deductions and to submit it to the proper Tax Collection District in Pennsylvania based upon the employee's Residency Certification Form.  

Helpful link to Act 32 FAQ's:  https://dced.pa.gov/local-government/local-income-tax-information/

The PSD (political subdivision) Code for the Borough of Franklin Park is 710702.

Keystone Collections Group

Keystone Collections Group was chosen to be the tax collector for the Allegheny County North Tax Collection District, of which Franklin Park is a member.