Property Tax

Real Estate Tax Collector

The Real Estate Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of Franklin Park Borough real estate taxes and the North Allegheny School District taxes for the Franklin Park area, as well as the $10 school per capita tax paid by every adult (21 years of age or older) residing in the Borough.

  1. Current Millages
  2. Franklin Park Borough Tax
  3. North Allegheny School Tax

Current Millages

  • Borough 1.29 (Operates on a Calendar Year)
  • County 4.73 (Operates on a Calendar Year)
  • School 19.1408 (Operates on a Fiscal Year)

Delinquent School & Borough Contact Information

North Allegheny School District:
Maiello, Brungo and Maiello
Teri:  412-242-9615

Borough of Franklin Park
Weiss, Burkhardt and Kramer
Colleen:  412-391-0160