EAC Resources

This page is dedicated to provide residents with environmental resources from the Environmental Advisory Council.

BATS provide critical ecosystem services and are essential to a healthy planet.  To find out some amazing bat facts, myths or truths, threats to bats, how to help bats and how to place and install a "bat house" click here to view the educational pamphlet.

THE SPOTTED LANTERNFLY (SLF) is a destructive, invasive pest insect that is native to Southeast Asia.  The SLF causes significant damage to over 70 plant species and has been found in Allegheny and Beaver Counties.  For more detailed information regarding the Spotted Lanternfly like quick facts, how to identify the SLF and how to stop the spread of this insect click here to view the informational flyer prepared by the EAC.

WHEN PLANTING TREES in new developments or on your own private property, the EAC recommends you choose from the list of species identified by the Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission. .