EAC Events

Want to join our incredible team of volunteers? Send an e-mail to dplatt@franklinparkborough.us or call the Borough office at 412-364-4115 x 302 to let us know. 

Fall “Green-up” Day

The Franklin Park Environmental Advisory Council annually leads a “Green-up” Day to help conserve and restore habitat in Franklin Park’s greenspaces (protected areas of undeveloped landscape).  Efforts typically include invasive species removal, tree plantings, and trail maintenance/improvements.  

2024 – TBD

2023 – Acorn Park
We cleaned up a section off the trail in the central portion of Acorn Park where many sapling and mature hardwood trees were being attacked by invasive species like oriental bittersweet and garlic mustard. Acorn Park is home to the headwaters of Little Sewickley Creek and has remained mostly untouched greenspace for over 100 years.acorn park 1

Spring Roadside Litter Cleanup

The Franklin Park Environmental Advisory Council annually leads a roadside litter cleanup event.  Police traffic control, safety vests, work gloves, and garbage bags are provided.  

2024 - Saturday, April 27th @ 10:00 AM
Location still to be determined.  If you see a borough road in need of cleanup, please let us know.

2023 – McAleer Road
We cleaned up a 1½ mile stretch along McAleer Road and Bear Run, removing 70 bags of trash, numerous tires, and car parts.

2022 – Nicholson Road
We cleaned up a ½ mile stretch along Nicholson Road and removed 31 bags of trash and many car parts.

2023 Spring Roadside Litter Cleanup Photos


2022 Spring Roadside Litter Cleanup Photo
April 30 2022 Roadside Cleanup