Open Burn Permit Information

How to Maintain a Safe & Legal Open Burn

Fires requiring an Open Burn Permit must also occur under adult supervision and in strict compliance with the Borough’s Open Burn Ordinance.  Before a burn permit can be issued, the location intended for the open burn must be inspected.  This inspection is free, and is only necessary once prior to issuing your burn permit. You should request the inspection at least 1 week prior to the date you wish to have your first open burn.  Click here to complete the form to request an open burn permit inspection .  Alternatively you may call the Inspection Scheduling line at 412-364-4115, ext. 314 and leave your name, phone number, address, and describe how you identified the location in which you intend to burn.  You may also request a day and "AM" (9 to 11)or "PM" (1-4) inspection window.  If someone must be present to provide access to the property for the inspection, we will make reasonable effort to accommodate your request.

The Open Burning Ordinance includes the following:

  • Permitted Locations for Open Fires: Fires must be at least 25 feet from the nearest house, structure, property line, utility, tree or other combustible material.
    • Exceptions: While in use, grills, barbecues and fireplaces used strictly for cooking may be no less than 5 feet from a house, property line, etc., (unless otherwise approved by the Fire Official). Note: no Permit is required for portable grills!
  • Red Flag Warnings: Open burning of any kind is prohibited when a red flag warning is issued by the National Weather Service which includes the Borough of Franklin Park.  A red flag warning supersedes all issued burn permits.
  • There is a fee of $50.00 per annual burn permit: Permits must be obtained prior to having the fire. Permits are valid for not more than one year, all permits expire 12:01 AM March 1.
  • Permits are not issued for common areas as defined in Home Owner Association Covenants: The only exception is if the Home Owners Association is applying for the permit.
  • Permitted Burning Materials: Only dry, clean logs, twigs or other untreated wood products, charcoal, or natural gas / clean burning fuel.
  • Prohibited Burning Materials (including but not limited to the following): Absolutely no treated wood, fresh cut limbs, leaves, green yard waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, garbage, construction waste, oil / rubber / petroleum-based products, or any other material that tends to cause excessive odor or smoke.
  • Maximum Size of Fire: Fire pit, ring or other receptacle no more than 9 square feet (3 feet by 3 feet) in area with flames maintained no higher than 2 feet above the hole / pit / ring or other receptacle.
  • No Excessive Smoke, Odor or Emissions: Smoke and odors shall be considered excessive if they contribute more than a negligible amount of air contaminants perceptible beyond your property line.
  • Constant Adult Supervision: Adult supervision is required at all times until fire has been completely extinguished. Adult property owner is presumed to be responsible for assuring that all burning on their property complies with the Ordinance. (You should also keep a water hose or fire extinguisher nearby).
  • Time Frame: A recreation fire may be burned for a maximum of 6 hours between 9 a.m. and 12 midnight. The fire must be extinguished by 12 Midnight..
  • No person shall refuse to comply immediately and fully with any order of a Franklin Park Borough Police Officer, Fire Official, Assistant Fire Official, or other duly authorized law enforcement officer or code official to contain, control, correct, or extinguish any fire or open burn.  Such an order to contain, control, correct, or extinguish shall also supersede any burn permit issued. Any person who shall violate any provision of Chapter 97 shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of no more than $1,000 or the maximum amount per offense permitted under law and may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. Any person found guilty of violating the chapter shall be assessed court costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by the Borough

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