Road Occupancy Permits

All utility companies are required to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit when opening a Franklin Park Borough street is necessary.  A Permit can be obtained by completing a Road Occupancy Application/Permit form.  

Application Submission - A permit is required annually and can be obtained by submitting the application one of the following ways:

Upon submittal of the Road Occupancy Application/Permit, the form will be reviewed and if approved, a check will be required in the amount of the total fees before the permit is issued.

On October 18, 2023 Franklin Park Borough Council enacted Ordinance No. 681-2023 and adopted Resolution No. 1344-2023 regarding street openings and restoration in the Borough.

Ordinance No. 681-2023 - Council enacted Ordinance No. 681-2023, amending Chapter 180 in the Code of the Borough of Franklin Park, “Streets and Sidewalks,” to add a new Article IV titled “Street Permits” which regulates the opening or excavation of Borough Streets, requiring a permit for opening or excavation of Borough streets, and establishing standards for opening, excavation, and restoration of Borough streets, repealing all prior inconsistent ordinances, declaring the provisions to be severable, and setting an effective date. 

Resolution No. 1344-2023 - Council adopted Resolution No. 1344-2023, amending and revising the schedule of fees per Borough ordinances, to amend rates for Road Occupancy Permits. Specifically, Section VII.C., titled Exemptions, has been eliminated (pages 18 and 19).