Road Reconstruction Program

The Borough owns and maintains approximately 64 miles of roadway.  Beginning in the spring, the Public Works Department begins installing curbs, gutters and repairing catch basins in preparation for road paving.  The Borough has an established goal to resurface every road once every 15 years. Council and Mayor conduct a road tour where roads are visited and evaluated for resurfacing. The following roads were approved for resurfacing in 2022:

Almanack Court
Alydar Drive
Ben Franklin Drive
Christa Court
Citation Court
Club House Drive
Crestview Drive
Dawn Drive
Franklin Fields Drive
Gibson Drive
Markley Drive
Norman Drive
Poor Richards Lane
Riva Ridge Court
Rosem Court
Temperance Drive
Valley Brooke Court
West Gate Drive
Wood Acres Court

If your road is scheduled for resurfacing it will result in some temporary delays and adverse driving conditions within your neighborhood.  We will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to you.  We would also ask that you do not park on the street during this time, and at least a few days following to allow the asphalt to fully cure.

During paving season, please remember to obey posted speed limits and keep alert for flaggers or temporary barricades.  Be sure to leave enough time in anticipation of road work.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

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