No Lien Letters


A No Lien Letter must be obtained before a property is sold or refinanced.  The No Lien Letter is a requirement of the Borough and your financial institution. This letter verifies that there are no municipal liens filed against the property. It further indicates if there are any outstanding Sewer Charges/Taps or Real Estate Taxes that need to be satisfied. Finally, the No Lien Letter also verifies that a dye test has been conducted and that the property has passed the test.  The dye tests are handled through the McCandless Township Sanitary Authority.  Click here to go to the Sanitary Sewer Dye Testing page.

Fee & Requirements

The fee for the No Lien Letter is $20 and a written request must be submitted to the Borough Office at least two weeks prior to the closing. The letter must indicate the current property owner and address, closing date, and whether the property is being refinanced or sold. Please make sure a stamped envelope is enclosed for prompt return.