Sanitary Sewer Dye Testing

Since 2007 all functions of the dye testing program have been transferred to McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA). This change took place in an effort to more seamlessly serve our residents. It was also amended to comply with increasing regulatory requirements and the Allegheny County Health Department administrative consent order.

Making an Application

If you are selling your property in Franklin Park Borough and have public sewer service to your home, it is your responsibility to make application at least 14 days prior to the date of sale.

McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA)
418 Arcadia Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 412-366-2700

Click here to view MTSA’s website for further information.

In an effort to simplify this certification procedure, MTSA has posted the application for dye test certification on their website.


Through your application process the actual dye test will be the responsibility of MTSA, you will no longer have to contract a plumber to perform these functions. Upon successful completion of the testing procedures, MTSA will provide you with an approved dye test report.  MTSA will also notified Franklin Park of the dye test results.