3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program

Wet Weather Sewage Overflow Issue

Allegheny County municipalities, including Franklin Park, will soon be facing enforcement action to begin addressing the wet weather sewage overflow problem throughout the region. Sewage overflows have long plagued the Pittsburgh area; during wet weather (when it rains or snows melts), extra water gets into the deteriorated sewage system and overflows into the waterways or backs up in residents' basements without ever reaching the treatment plant at ALCOSAN.

3 Rivers Wet Weather Online Resource

It can be a confusing issue, but now there's a comprehensive online resource for learning more about wet weather sewage overflows at. The 3 Rivers Wet Weather website clearly explains the wet weather overflow issue and role of each municipality and individual in working toward a solution to the problem. Some of the highlights you will find include:

  • An animated presentation (on the home page) that clearly explains the wet weather issue using simple terminology and visuals
  • A special section devoted to homeowners that explains how your home is connected to the sewer system, how the sewer system operates and how you can help to solve the problem
  • Updates on the progress of municipal demonstration projects
  • Downloadable educational materials
  • Updates on wet weather legislation and regulations
  • Information on the progress of the Northern Basin Group of which is a member
  • Links to dozens of wet weather-related websites and municipal websites