Memorial Page

George Tongel

George Tongel, 1946 to 2012

Sworn in as a Franklin Park Police Officer in 1977, George served the community with dedication and honor. He was meticulous and took great pride in being a uniformed officer of the Borough. 

George was a talented artist and used that skill to hand paint the decals on the police cars for years. His steady hand also made him one of the top marksmen's of the North Hills Police Departments. George retired in 1999 and continued to live in Franklin Park where he remained a member of his beloved community.

Sergeant William "Bill" Creese

Sergeant William "Bill" Creese, 1935 to 2011

With a rich family history traceable to the community over 200 years ago, Bill was a life long resident of Franklin Park. He joined the police department in 1973 and served borough residents for 26 years rising to the rank of Sergeant before retiring in 1999. 

Bill was most notable for his enforcement of traffic laws. Even after retirement Bill continued serving the borough as a member of the historical society. He represented the best of Franklin Park, having served his family, nation, community and his church with honor and dignity.

Raymond "Ray" Beatty

Raymond "Ray" Beatty, 1928 to 2010

Born and raised in Franklin Park, Ray began his career as an officer in 1963. His 47 years of service, is a testament to his dedication to our community. It is the longest tenure of any Franklin Park Officer and quite possibly in Pennsylvania. 

Ray served the Borough residents faithfully and was most recognized for assisting the parishioners of Ingomar Methodist Church across the street every Sunday. Ray wore his uniform proudly and embodied the Department's motto: Knowledge, Integrity, and Courage.


Wolfgang, 1993 to 2006

Wolfgang was the first K-9 Officer for the Franklin Park Police and began serving in May of 1996. He was certified in: 

  • Agility
  • Apprehension
  • Area searches
  • Article searches
  • Building searches
  • Obedience
  • Protection
  • Tracking

Additional Talents

In addition he was certified to sniff out illegal drugs to include marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines. Besides Wolfgang's police duties his notoriety came from the classroom. He conducted hundreds of classroom presentations throughout the surrounding communities. 

These presentations showcased Wolfgang's abilities in police work and provided a platform to educate our youth.