Senior Citizen Tax Relief Program

In November 2004, Franklin Park Borough Council passed Ordinance Number 531.04 adopting the Senior Citizen Tax Relief Program. This program entitles all qualified senior citizens, living in the Borough of Franklin Park, to a flat 30% discount of the real estate tax on their primary residence.


The following are the requirements necessary to qualify, citizens must meet all three requirements listed:

  1. Property Ownership: Must have owned and occupied a primary residence in Allegheny County continuously for the past 10 years.
  2. Age: 
    1. Be a widow or widower and age 50
    2. Must be age 60 or older, or if married either spouse must be age 60
    3. Permanently disabled and age 18 
      1. Must be verified with a physician's letter. A letter from Social Security will not be accepted.
  3. Income: Gross household income must be $30,000 or less. For calculating income use only 50% of your Social Security Benefit, SSI and Railroad Retirement Tier 1 Benefits (except Medicare benefits); plus, all income must be added in at 100%.

Additional Information

Feel free to contact Allegheny County with any questions at 412-350-3875.