Homestead / Farmstead Exclusion Installments

No tax discount is permitted for any taxes when paying by installment. By Pennsylvania State Law, the school district must offer installment payments. Only those properties deemed eligible for the Homestead or Farmstead exclusion by the Allegheny County Assessment office will be permitted to make installment payments.

Program Payment Details

Under the installment plan, the full amount is due in three installments. Due dates are August 31, October 3, and December 31 in the respective year. The exact amount of the first payment and due date will be listed on the tax bill. If N/A appears in the installment box, it means your property is not eligible for installment payments.

The payment of the exact amount of the first installment by a taxpayer on or before the first installment due date, shall show intention to pay school taxes on the installment plan. The remaining two installment coupons will be mailed to you after the first payment is received. Installments 2 to 3 must be paid by the due dates or a penalty of 10% will be added to any installment that is late. A taxpayer who is delinquent shall be ineligible for the installment payment option in the following fiscal year.