Building Board of Appeals


  • As needed
  • Municipal Building
    2344 W Ingomar Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237


  • Edward J. Ambrass II
    Term Expires: December 2021
  • Lauren B. Karl
    Term Expires: December 2022
  • Bernard P. Mrozek
    Term Expires: December 2023
  • Roy H. Werner
    Term Expires: December 2024
  • Philip Wilkinson, Jr.
    Term Expires: December 2023


The Building Board of Appeals reviews and adjudicates decisions made by the Borough Building Inspector when an applicant believes the true intent of the 2009 International Building Code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted or the provisions of the Building Code do not fully apply.

The Building Board of Appeals consists of 5 members, appointed by Borough Council for five-year terms.