Scholarship Selection Committee


  • Annette Blanar
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Ronald J. Coombs
    Term Expires: December 2023
  • Matthew A. Garland
    Term Expires: December 2021
  • Nancy S. Hamilton
    Term Expires: December 2024
  • Alyce Jacob
    Term Expires: December 2022
  • Iris P. Parks
    Term Expires: December 2020
  • Julie E. (Lisa) Tourek
    Term Expires: December 2021


The Scholarship Selection Committee is responsible for selecting recipients of the Franklin Park Community Scholarship Program. Borough residents wishing to serve on this committee must be able to evaluate and score student essays, understand Scholastic Aptitude Test Scores (SAT), Grade Point Averages (GPA) and, most importantly, they must be able to evaluate and score a student's involvement in their community, academic or work related activities. Community, academic and work related activities account for 50% of the applicant's score. Generally, 8 to 12 scholarship recipients are selected from a field of approximately 50 applications.

The Scholarship Selection Committee consists of 7 members, appointed by Borough Council for five-year terms.

Become a Member

If you are interested in being considered as a member, applications can be submitted one of the following ways: