Recycling Information

Recycling Requirement

Pursuant to PA Act 101 Franklin Park Borough adopted Ordinance No. 377-91 requiring all residences and all commercial, municipal and institutional establishments, such as office buildings, churches, schools and other non-profit organizations, in Franklin Park Borough to recycle the following materials.

View the residential recycling guidelines for detailed list of items residents are required to recycle.   You can view or print the Recycling Guide developed by the Franklin Park Borough Environmental Advisory Council that can be placed on your refrigerator or recycling container. The guide is a visual reference to what you can place where.   

  • Currently glass, plastics 3-7, cartons, tires, Household Hazardous Waste (batteries, electronics, chemicals, paint etc.), wood or yard waste (except grass clippings) cannot be placed at curbside for pickup.  Grass clippings should be placed in black plastic bags and placed with your weekly trash.  
  • Household Hazardous Waste; such as electronic waste (computer systems, TVs), chemicals, paints, batteries, fluorescent tubes and similar items cannot be placed out for curbside pick up.  See the information provided on the At Your Door Special Collection page.

View the commercial recycling guidelines for a list of items businesses are required to recycle.

Recycling Containers

The Borough currently uses automated pick-up of recyclables only. To obtain a container, if you have an issue with your recycle container or if it needs repaired/replaced please contact Waste Management 1-800-866-4460.  All recycling can be single streamed in the container.  You cannot place any recycling material outside the container; it will not be collected.

Service Information & Guidelines for Proper Cart Placement

Place your carts at the curb with wheels facing your house, before 6:00 AM on your scheduled collection day. Remove carts after collection. Keep your carts at least three feet from parked cars, mailboxes or other obstacles.

Why Cart Collection?
Cart collection is safer and quieter for the community. Wheeled carts are easier to roll and place at the curb, and the attached lid helps keep material from blowing into the street. The lid also helps keep recycling dry to make sure items get a second life as something new.

What Belongs in Your Cart?
Recycling Cart
Place clean and dry plastic bottles, jars and jugs, cans, paper and cardboard (break down your boxes) directly into your cart. One dirty item can contaminate an entire truckload, so make sure recyclables are clean and dry. Don’t bag your recyclables. Keep plastic bags out of your recycling.

Keep These Dangerous Items Out of Your Carts
Everyday household hazardous waste can inadvertently cause a fire in your cart or inside a collection truck. Help keep our community safe by keeping these household items out of your cart.